Why register?

I'm working on this extension in free time and I receiving a lot of intentionally wrong segmentation. To save some time, I've decided to create automatic filters to block suspicious segmentations. However, to prevent this filters for benevolent users, I had to create some path to bypass these filters - some kind of score I've named "reputation". The more reputation user have, the more filters are disabled for him. Moreover, registered users have some benefits.

Table below shows differences of anonymous and registered users.

Name Anonymous Registered
Captcha If more than 10 videos are pending Personal limit of 5 videos per minute
Review Not guaranteed Guaranteed
Video duration No longer than 1 hour Any length
Suspicious segmentation Can be rejected on send Can send if reputation >= 1
Views only if >= 50 000 (or new) Can send if reputation >= 3
Streams Can't send Can send if reputation >= 5
Language Only english videos Any language if reputation >= 50
Unlisted videos Can't send Any videos if reputation >= 100